• Smart guy available by the project. Specializing in digital marketing and communications.

10,000 foot view

Hi, I'm Paul Lassiter and I work in the digital marketing space. I've been at this for nearly 20 years. I make, find and engineer strategies and solutions, large and small.

In just the last few years I've created, maintained and hosted websites in sports entertainment, healthcare, financial, sporting goods, food and beverage, and not for profit.

I've supplied photography/videography/video editing for technical training, food product launches, event coverage, time lapse, corporate portraiture, interviews, product launches, fund raising, and healthcare pr.

I managed a corporate network of mixed Mac, Windows and Linux computers and servers including mail, web hosting, FTP, and Voice over IP.

I set up and maintained the hosting platform for the majority of the sites I've worked on, negotiating contracts through configuring servers (Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, Cent OS and Debian).

Business continuity is hugely important. I have assisted relocating businesses on several occasions and handled the necessary changes to websites, social networks, business stationery, online listing services, Google profiles like Google maps…

I have managed corporate moves and shut downs, from a planning flow/function, technology, and communications aspect. Coordinating data and voice cut over, server and workstation relocation, assets liquidation, vendor termination, server migration and longterm storage of digital assets.

From concept to completion

Here are a few projects that I headed up or played a key role in.

  • Ebonite International's official site (as well as 10 other sites for them)
  • Titansonline.com
  • Circle K/On The Run intranets
  • Sales animations for M2G
  • Encrypted communication between banks and clients (several clients)
  • HoustonTexans.com
  • 49ers.com
  • Fund raising videos for Christ the King School
  • Sales materials, website, and mini sites for ProvidentMusic Group
  • Online contest for KFC & TacoBell

I'm not just a web guy (no offense web guys)

Although I code and do all that “scary technical stuff”, I straddle the space between code writer and creative, I match solutions to communication problems by leveraging current technologies. I help clients identify solutions to their business challenges. I’m often the project planner, photographer, designer, set creator, food stylist…playing the role of “team spackle” by “filling in the gaps”. Even though I’ve been deep in the digital world for a long time, I also have extensive prepress and print knowledge.

bolt on expert

  • While I strive to have a deep understanding of many aspects of client need I am not opposed to grabbing the right talent for a particular job or client. I have a great network of specialist with areas of focus in media buying, public relations, writing, and much more.

Some Work Examples


For quite a number of years my team and myself took care of all aspects of this NFL team's online presence.

Puffy Muffin

For this local restaurant I worked with an art director and photographer to create an open source powered site that was updated daily by Puffy Muffin.

Circle K

Built and maintained an extranet to disseminate various information to franchise owners and managers based on geographic region and affiliation. Extranet also allowed store managers to manage special offers on public site.

Compass Stadium


First Farmers

This project entailed creating libraries of javascript, css, and template files that could be applied by the clients in house web team. The lead up encompassed a rebrand and analysis of how the site was used.


This was a self contained video presentation that was used to introduce the core concept of m2g to their customers. The look was achieved through 3d modeling and flat shading.


College Rivalry KFC Bucket commercial - Shooting and assisting on food styling

Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft

Yearly contest to pick as close to actual NFL draft picks.

Our Blog

Don't be disappointed that these are few and not all about marketing. I'll probably dump a few articles on music, the arts, farming, and dumb things businesses do.

Use of social as justification of PR department vs. user communication.

At one point, one eighth of the NFL’s teams official websites were created, managed and hosted by me (and a few other skilled guys and gals). During this time only one half of team sites had a fan forum or message board.

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